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      2023 Season IS Almost HERE!  

     PRAcTICEs will be located at The Tarpon sports complex

150 jasminE ave.

Tackle football Ages 5-14 

There will be a preconditioning camp beginning on July 10th. We will meet from  6:00 PM TO 7:30PM


Once equipment is issued all players are to bring to practice and games all issued equipment.  Coaches will inform you of any changes.


You will be issued pads, training and game pants, game jersey, helmet and one mouth piece.   You are responsible for cleats and practice shirts(must be wore over pads at all practices).  Mouth pieces will be on sale if available.  EQUIPMENT WILL NOT BE ISSUED UNTIL FULL PAYMENT IS RECEIVED. ALL EQUIPMENT WILL BE RETURNED AFTER THE FINAL GAME.




Parents or guardians are required to attend practices.

Players are required to attend all practices.  Missing practices will affect your playing time.

Players are required to bring all of their equipment to all practices unless otherwise noted by coach.  Failure to bring your equipment will limit your practice and game time.


Keep Your Coaches Informed


Communicate with your coach or team parent.

If the parent cannot attend practice then inform the coach who will be responsible for your child.

The field will close at 8:30 pm.  All players must leave the field at that time.



Inclement Weather Plan


Practice can be cancelled by inclement weather.   We will cancel practice by 6:00pm if inclement weather occurs.  You are responsible to contact the team parent or coach. 


Practice can be cancelled during practice time at which case you will be responsible for your child.


Practice can only be cancelled by an Executive Board member.


Practice will generally not be made up.  This will be at the coaches discretion.


Games if cancelled will be made up prior to the next game.  There is a potential for a week day game.



Other Expectations and Activities


Teams will be responsible for certain fundraising events.


Teams will participate in Homecoming activities and Spirit Week.


Teams and Parents will participate in Homecoming/Parent appreciation day held during the homecoming game.


Games will be held on Saturdays.  See schedule for dates and times.  You will be required to have your child to the field 2 hours prior to the starting time of each game. (home and away)


Parent Participation


Football is a TEAM event.  All parents are required to volunteer at the concession stand, gate or other team functions that are held.   Fundraisers will be held and parents are expected to help provide support to their team.  This is a volunteer organization and parent cooperation is a must!


Other Costs


Besides registration fees there are other fees associated with Tarpon Springs Jr. Football.


Entrance to games home or away is $2.00 for children and  $5.00 14 years and Up

Entrance fees to Play -off games are $10.00

Game day snack and drinks are to be provided by parents on a rotating basis(see team parent)



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